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Note: Due to a statutory requirement, many licenses were extended by one-year. Please refer to the license details section for the most current expiration date. The expiration date on the license PDF may not have updated.

Note: As of July 1, 2018 Minnesota moved to a tiered Licensure structure for teacher licensure. Licenses issued after this date were issued as or converted to a tiered license.

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Standard License Detail

Student Level Scope Function Code Function Description Recommending Institution Expiration Date
7-12 FULL TIME 140000 BUSINESS EDUCATION -ALL- 06/30/2022
Renewal of license(s) will require completion of 125 clock hours verified by a Minnesota local continuing education committee. If you have been or are currently employed by a Minnesota school district, please contact the district's local continuing education committee.
If you do not live in Minnesota and have never been employed in Minnesota, you may renew your license by submitting an official transcript verifying 12 quarter or 8 semester credits in the licensure area(s) or in general education courses. These credits must have been earned within the five year period immediately preceding the renewal.
Both of the renewal options indicated above must include the specific professional development requirements in rules that are in effect at the time of renewal.

Historical Application Detail

License Type Date Registered Status Date of Action
Standard 06/20/2016 Issued 07/06/2016
Standard 01/25/2006 Issued 01/30/2006
Standard 10/15/2002 Issued 10/28/2002
Standard 03/06/2001 Issued 03/27/2001
Standard 07/14/2000 Issued 09/14/2000

Application Status Key

Status Description
Payment Received A fee has been submitted and the application will be reviewed upon receipt of all required materials. Submission of an application is not a guarantee that a license will be issued.
Additional Information Requested A fee was submitted on the date indicated and the candidate has been notified by Educator Licensing that additional documentation is required or an internal review is in process.
Issued The review process has been completed and the license has been delivered to the applicant.
Forfeit No license will be issued and the non-refundable processing fee has been forfeited.
Refunded A fee has been refunded.